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Wilo-Stratos-D 32/1-12

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Wilo-Stratos D high-efficiency pump

electronically controlled,

Glandless double pump with minimum operating costs, for pipe installation. Can be used for all HVAC applications (-10 °C to +110 °C). With built-in electronic power control for constant/variable differential pressure. One-button manual operation level for each pump as standard, for:

  • Pump on/off
  • Selecting the operating mode: Main/standby operation, parallel operation (efficiency-optimised peak load cut-in / deactivation)(accessories: 2 pcs. Stratos IF-modules necessary)
  • Selecting the control mode:
    • dp-c (differential pressure constant )
    • dp-v (differential pressure variable)
    • dp-T (differential pressure temperature-controlled) by means of IR-Monitor/IR-Module/IR-Stick, Modbus, BACnet, LON or Can
    • Q-Limit to restrict the maximum volume flow (setting only via IR-Stick)
    • Manual control mode (setting constant speed)
  • Automatic setback operation (self-learning)
  • Setpoint and speed adjustment

Graphical pump display for each pump, with rotatable display horizontal and vertical module mounting, for display of:

  • Operating state
  • Control mode
  • Differential pressure or rotation speed setpoint
  • Fault and warning signals
  • Double-pump operating mode

Synchronous motor using ECM technology with very high efficiency and high starting torque, automatic deblocking function and built-in full motor protection.

Fault signal light, potential-free collective fault signal, infrared interface for wireless communication with Wilo IR-Monitor/IR-Stick operating and service device.

Plug-in slot for Wilo Stratos IF-modules with interfaces for building automation (BA) or dual pump management (accessories: 2 pcs IF-modules Stratos Modbus, BACnet, LON, CAN, PLR, Ext.Aus, Ext.Min, SBM, Ext.Aus/SBM or DP).

Pump housing made of cast iron with cataphoretic coating, impeller made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic, stainless steel shaft with metal impregnated carbon plain bearings.

Flange versions:

  • Standard version for pumps DN 32 to DN 65: Combination flange PN 6/10 (flange PN 16 acc. to EN 1092-2) for counter flanges PN 6 and PN 16
  • Standard version for pumps DN 80: Flange PN 6 (configured for PN 16 acc. to EN 1092-2) for counter flange PN 6
  • Special version for pumps DN 32 to DN 80: Flange PN 16 (acc. to EN 1092-2) for counter flange PN 16

Pump housing: Grey cast iron (EN-GJL-250)
Impeller: Plastic (PPS - 40% GF)
Pump shaft: Stainless steel (X30CR13)
Bearing: Carbon, metal impregnated

Approved fluids (other fluids on request)
Max. volume flow: 19 m3/h
Max. delivery head: 9 m

Pipe connections
Nominal flange diameter: DN 32
Flange: Combination flange PN6/10 (PN 16 flange according to EN 1092-2)
Overall length: 220 mm

Energy efficiency index (EEI): ≤ 0.23
Electromagnetic compatibility: EN 61800-3
Emitted interference: EN 61000-6-3
Interference resistance: EN 61000-6-2
Speed control: Frequency converter
Protection class: IP X4D
Insulation class: F
Mains connection: 1~230 V, 50/60 Hz
Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz
Nominal motor power: 200 W
Speed: 1400 - 4800 rpm
Power consumption 1~230 V: 12 - 300 W
Current at 1~230V: 0.22 - 1.32 A
Motor protection: integrated
Threaded cable connection: 1x7/1x9/1x13.5

Information for order placements
Art no.: 2090462
EAN number: 4016322994213
Weight approx.: 16 kg
Make: Wilo
Type: Stratos-D 32/1-12
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