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Wilo-CronoTwin-DL-E 50/180-7,5/2

Terminal diagram
L1, L2, L3:Mains connection: 3~440 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz; 3~400 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz; 3~380 V -5%/+10%, 50/60 Hz
PE:Protective conductor connection
DDG:Connection for differential pressure sensor
In1 (1):Actual value input 0-10 V/0-20 mA; 2-10 V/4-20 mA
GND (2):Ground connection for In1 and In2
+ 24 V (3):DC voltage output for an external consumer/sensor. Max load 60 mA
In2:Setpoint input 0-10 V/0-20 mA; 2-10 V/4-20 mA
MP:Multi-pump, interface for dual pump management
Ext. off:Control input “Overriding Off”
The pump can be switched on or off via an external, potential-free contact (24 V DC/10 mA).
SBM:*Potential-free collective run signal (changeover contact according to VDI 3814)
SSM:*Potential-free collective fault signal (changeover contact according to VDI 3814)
aux:External pump cycling (only with dual pump
operation). Pump cycling can be performed using an external, potential-free contact (24 VDC/10 mA)
DIP switch:1: Switchover between operation (O) and service mode (S)
2: Activate/deactivate the menu for access disable
Optional:IF-Modules for connection to the building automation

* Load capacity of contacts for SBM and SSM:

min.: 12 V DC/10 mA

max.: 250 V AC/1 A

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