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Wilo-EMU FA 10.33-223E + T 17-4/12HEx

Pump curves Wilo-EMU FA 10.33E - 50 Hz - No. of poles: 4

Pump curves in accordance with ISO 9906, Appendix A The specified degrees of efficiency correspond to the hydraulic efficiency.

Max. delivery head Hmax 15.6 m
Max. volume flow Qmax 140.0 m3/h
Optimal delivery head Hopt 10.9 m
Optimum volume flow Qopt 89.2 m3/h
Pressure connection DN 100
Flanges (according to EN 1092-2) PN 10
Connection standard EN 1092-2
Maximum operating pressure pmax 2 bar
Free ball passage 80 mm
Operating mode (immersed) S1
Operating mode (non-immersed)
Max. immersion depth 20 m
Protection class IP 68
Fluid temperature T +3 ... +40 °C
Weight approx. m 81.0 kg
Motor data
Mains connection 3~400 V, 50 Hz
Rated current IN 9.4 A
Starting current IA 47.0 A
Rated power P2 4.5 kW
Power consumption P1 5.8 kW
Power factor cos φ 0.89
Activation type Direct
Rated speed n 1405 rpm
No. of poles 4
Insulation class F
Max. switching frequency 15 1/h
Permitted voltage tolerance ±10 %
Length of connecting cable 10 m
Cable type H07RN-F
Cable cross-section 7G1,5 mm2
Type of connecting cable Non-detachable
Mains plug
Float switch
Motor protection WSK
Explosion protection ATEX
Static seal NBR
Impeller EN-GJS-500-7
Sealing on motor side NBR
Mechanical seal SiC/SiC
Motor housing EN-GJL-250
Pump housing EN-GJL-250
Pump shaft 1.4021 [AISI420]
Information for order placements
Make Wilo
Art no. 6047664
EAN number 4044966500712
Price group PG8
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